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  • Eight hour

    Personalized Coaching

  • Susie will begin by consulting with you on where you are photographically. Your time together will be tailored to your needs. Before booking, Susie will have a consultation with you to learn what you need. Your time will be scheduled and formed in response to that conversation. Because of her years of teaching, she  has resources such as videos, handouts, etc that she can provide to you before or during your time together. Your eight hours can be scheduled as one day or divided into as many different meetings as you prefer.

  • $895

    Other packages available. 20 hours @ $1500.

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  • Workshops

    Post-Production Workshops

  • Taking beautiful or interesting images is just the first step. How do you choose the best ones when you've taken hundreds?  How do you keep them organized?  How do you handle the post-production in lightroom, bridge and photoshop?  And finally, how do you put them together?

    This can be daunting when you are not familiar with the process. Susie has a post-production workshop during the summer where you will learn to import, organize, edit, process, and prepare your images for dissemination.  You will need to have the adobe suite on your laptop.

  • $350

    Upcoming workshops: TBA

  • Feel free to call or write if you are interested.  I can also set up a workshop for a group of at least three people who are interested in learning workflow.

    cell: 919-308-0137